British Israelism is the key to exploitation by those who want to become elite.

Look at me! Look at me! I have the truth no one else has! I can predict the future! I will lead you into the future! Follow me!

It is all empty promises.

British Israelism is the dubious debunked hypothesis that that there were lost tribes of Ancient Israel that finally settled in Europe (particularly Britain) and the United States.

It didn’t happen.

Not only didn’t it happen but it simply could not happen because it is based on ideas which came from insane people living in their own special world of delusion, looking for meaning in the world in all the wrong places.

British Israelism didn’t really take off until the 20th century when a very stupid huckster with dubious character and an even more dubious education background loudly sold the nonsense to innocent people who bought in to it as a way to become prestigious, wealthy, live like gods forever and be highly respected rulers over other people. They were convinced that they could know the future; they were assured that they could become elite themselves, all their problems would be solved.

And they lost a lot of money needlessly for a con game that absorbed their time, families and resources — and even, sometimes, left them without a job. They all huddled together and believed they were a special people, while ignoring reality, just because their leader told them to.

The ‘evidence’ was stacked, the ‘proofs’ were given as absolutes, all opposition was crushed.

This is that story.